End of Year Giving: 2022

Give today to support academically strong, neurodiverse learners on Chicago’s southside.

City Elementary is a gem in Chicago supporting K-8 neurodiverse students. Your donation allows us to continue our success in supporting families when traditional schools fail to meet their needs. We are also providing financial assistance to over 25% of our students, but we need to raise more scholarship funds to ensure that every family has access to a City Elementary education no matter their financial means.

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We send you the most sincere thanks for your contribution – and wish you a happy and healthy holiday season!

Tuesday, December 13th

“Music Sociality,” a partnership program with The University of Chicago brings music instruction focused on friendship and connection to City Elementary students. Talented UChicago students infuse our school with innovation via this and several additional partner programs like “Meducate” and “Winning Words.” Together, we grow City students’ abilities in cooking, health, philosophy, music, and creative arts. Watch this video to see for yourself

Tuesday, December 6th

Your donation to City Elementary fuels a whole-child education. Xavier’s joyful movement is evident in play, but how can our teacher, Luella engage him in literacy tasks like letter sounds and reading?

Playing “alphabet yoga,” Luella and Xavier make letter shapes with the body, say and hear letter sounds with the mouth and ears, and recognize letter shapes with the eyes.

Thanks to Luella’s integrated whole-body approach, Xavier is newly—confidently—engaged in reading. This is the power of a whole-child education!

Support Luella and the innovative teachers at City Elementary by donating today!

Tuesday, November 29th

When six-year–old Max began at City Elementary, he was shy and terrified. Max’s teacher met his anxiety in an unexpected way: she joined him under the table, sharing her own fears. Listen in on the Cohen family’s story of transformation, as Max gained the skills to self-regulate and join in friendships and classroom activities.
These are the core values of City Elementary: to meet neurodiverse students where they are, to respect their sensory and social needs, and to grow their skills. City Elementary inspires confidence. Support City Elementary today and help us reach our goal of $75,000!

Tuesday, November 22nd

We asked 7th grader Brendan a question: “In your time at City Elementary, what are you proud of accomplishing?” He paused and said something remarkable: “This is a better school that I’m at now. We have to expand City Elementary, a lot.” Brendan focused not on pride in his personal gains, but on the transformative impact City Elementary has on all of its students. Brendan wished for every child to have access to the incredible education he’s receiving at City Elementary. “It’s powerful,” he said. “City Elementary is powerful.”
Help Brendan’s dream become a reality for all neurodiverse children on Chicago’s South Side. Every week, we’ll be sharing an inspiring story of City’s exceptional work with diverse learners. Your gift to our scholarship, building, classroom, and growth funds ensures City Elementary’s continued success. We are changing lives, one neurodiverse student at a time.