City Elementary is a school where academically strong,

neurodiverse children succeed.

Here at City Elementary, we recognize that children inhabit a wide spectrum. We teach social and emotional skill-building alongside academic subjects like math, reading, and science. Our students thrive in small classrooms with expert teachers, who provide support for attention, regulation, and social connection. Collaborating with parents, we design educational plans that enhance the continuity of learning between home and school, and foster students’ exponential growth. Near the University of Chicago, we cultivate countless partnerships that infuse our community with vitality, vigor, and innovative ideas. City Elementary inspires diverse learners to take risks and achieve their fullest academic and social potential. 

Changing lives, one neurodiverse student at a time.

City Elementary in the News!

UChicago News explores the impactful collaboration between City Elementary and University of Chicago! City Elementary students are benefiting from innovative programming and UChicago students are engaging in meaningful ways to support diverse learners.

Learning in Connection

      Watch what we accomplish: nurturing partnerships between students and teachers, fulfilling peer friendships, and exponential growth.

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